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Open your heart, fling your hopes high and set your dreams aloft. I am here to hold your hand. -- Maya Angelou

Our Group

Our Group
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Since 2018, Angelou's Angels has offered a judgement-free and confidential safe space for African-American women to speak candidly and encourage one another in the spirit of sisterhood for African-American women living in Vancouver, Wa and surrounding areas.

Our Meetings


New Guest Speakers Every Month!

With in-person meetings, we provide peer support for Black women to connect, build friendships, and share their thoughts openly.


Meetings are held usually once a month, based on member availability. RSVP for a meeting to get more details. 

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Upcoming Meetings:

Last Thursday of Every Month

  • Angelou's Angels Facebook Group

Link to Facebook group


New Member Sign Up

We always welcome new members to join in on any of our upcoming meetings. Please click on the link to our New Member Sign Up and RSVP form

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